Bitchin’ Apple IIgs Games


When my parents came home with an Apple IIgs, I remember, I was a bit upset. All the major games were starting to switch over to DOS, and I figured Apple would go by the wayside fairly soon. Looking back, I am eternally grateful to my folks, who had the correct foresight. These were the raddest games I played on the IIgs. Enjoy

1. Keef the Thief

This game was super awesome! Originally slated to be a serious adventure title, and turned into a humorous one, the guys over at Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Dexter, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune) hit the nail right on the head.

2. Zany Golf

Great graphics, and a really high replay value. The secret level you’d get to, when hitting your ball into the mouse hole as the eyes flash red, was a rad easter egg. Whatchoo know ’bout bouncin’ cheeseburgers?

3. Battle Chess

This made learning chess fun. Really fun. The best was when a knight would square off with another knight. It was an homage to the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

4. Gold Rush

Sierra’s role playing games used to be the cream of the crop. ‘Gold Rush’ was no exception. The puzzles got tricky, and you could die at any time, so you had to save often.

5. California Games

Hacky Sack, Surfing, BMX, Rollerskating, Frisbee. The game was officially sponsored by Santa Cruz, OP, Casio, and Kawasaki, and was totally awesome.


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