Typography Spotlight: Sudtipos

Source: http://www.sudtipos.com and http://www.veer.com/products/cddetail.aspx?image=UMT9001001

Veer says: A brilliant typography collective from Argentina, Sudtipos is best known for the work of Alejandro Paul. When Paul pairs his OpenType mastery with his deep passion for calligraphy and South American sign painting, pure typographic magic happens. Sudtipos also features the work of several other professional designers, including Angel Kozupia. The collection ranges from swashed-out calligraphic wonders, energetic brush scripts, to contemporary sans serifs.

I say: I’ve become friends with Ale Paul on facebook, and he is a gentleman. I would suggest you take a look at his typefaces next time you set out to design something awesome. Here are a few of my favorites, linked from Veer:

Calgary Script / Feel Script

Kewl Script / Galgo Script


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  1. Posted August 18, 2009 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    Kewl Script is amazing.

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