Artist Spotlight: Paul Linsley


I was reading one of my favorite blogs: , and came across some pretty radical artwork by artist Paul Linsley. says: I was born on the road and spent most of my life moving around the United States. I went on to explore Mexico and Europe for a few years, drawing as much as I could, painting murals and learning how to work with oil paint. I taught at a few art schools as a way to supplement my studies, then went to Calarts. I had four great years with such a loaded concentration of talented people; I was main-lined to an inspirational tap. My original intention was to be a painter, but became enamored with animation as I was immersed in all it’s glories. I got to study with some of the best and the brightest. In all honesty, I was out of my depths. I was sent as a guinea-pig to Goblin School of Animation (Paris, France) to represent Calarts and begin a relationship between the two schools. There, I was inundated with still more stunning talent and some of the kindest people I have worked with. After graduating I pursued illustration and freelance work and was offered a position on the Calarts Faculty. I went on to teach figure painting, animal drawing, story structure and visual story telling, while I worked freelance and developed my personal work. Later I was offered a position as art director at Tandem Motion Picture Studio. I came on board the story department when I pitched them a feature and became the screenwriter, story artist, and designer for the film. It’s a small Studio and I was in heaven working on this project. I later began work for Blue Sky Studios as a freelancer. Then was picked up and the 8fish Creative Studio. It’s been a fun ride so far. Can’t wait to see what comes next.

I say: Rad. His website is dope, too.



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    You should also check out his website!

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    Thanks for showing off my work!
    Paul Linsley

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