Musician Spotlight: Band of Skulls

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Wkipedia says: Band of Skulls is a British alternative rock band that formed in 2008 in Southampton, England. It consists of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums), who formed a band after they all met in college. Initially, they played at night clubs in the greater London area and recorded some demos under the name of Fleeing New York before changing their name to Band of Skulls in November 2008. Their debut album Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, distributed by Shangri-La Music, was released exclusively on the iTunes Store on March 6, 2009, followed by a general release on March 20. The track “I Know What I Am” was chosen as iTunes’ free Single of the Week to coincide with the digital release.

I say: We’ve been playing their record a lot at the Hooky Interactive headquarters. It might be too early to tell, but this may be my pick for album of the year. Tracks from “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey” can be categorized in a few different genres. So when they get big, and believe me they will, you’ll be hearing their songs on all kinds hard rock and alternative rock stations. I had a chance to see them perform a secret show at a small theater in Hollyweird a few months ago, and I can honestly say, that they sound just as good live, if not better, than what’s on the album. Follow Band of Skulls on twitter / myspace / facebook.

Purchase their album from iTunes or Amazon. If you’re thinking of previewing a few tracks before committing to the whole album, I’d suggest ‘Light of the Morning,’ ‘Patterns,’ and ‘Cold Fame.’ Either way, it’s a wise investment. Roll down your car windows and turn it up!


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