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Hooky Staff Picks: 2009 Movies

Source: Dave Hays 1. Ponyo 2. Ong Bak 2 3. Up 4. Coraline 5. Bronson April Foreman 1. Up 2. Coraline 3. Friday the 13th 4. Coco before Chanel 5. The Jonas Brothers 3D Ben Hays 1. Up 2. Inglorious Basterds 3. Adventureland 4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 5. Anvil! The Story […]

Self-Sustained Record Player

Source: I came across this, obviously it’s completely novel and totally awesome. I’m interested to hear how the audio gets amplified through the cardboard. Read Gizmodo’s relatively short article here.


BING Maps, with Augmented Reality, User Generated Content, Video, and Astronomy. Awesome. Please come to the iPhone.

Design Firm Spotlight: Artlebedev

Source: Here is a smattering of cool stuff from Russian design firm “Artlebedev.” The first is a super dope ultramodern analog-armed digital-reading clock. Click here to see it in action. It’s pretty sexy. The second should need no explanation. This is how I personally feel about the rain, and this umbrella sends the perfect […]

Awesome Astronomy!

Source: Space. The final frontier. Here are some super-dope images from the ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive.’ I’ve chosen samples from the beginning of the year to the day of this writing; as there are thousands of images to check out, the archive extends back to July, 1995. Peruse, and behold the mysteries […]

Artist Spotlight: Levente Peterffy

Source: I came across this guy’s stuff, and thought it was pretty awesome. Matte painting has always interested me, this guy makes it look effortless. Here is a very detailed tutorial on his process. He’s also posted an .abr set of the brushes he uses in his artwork, which you can download here. How […]

Artist Spotlight: Scrojo

Source: Here is a very small sampling of artwork by Illustrator Scrojo. He’s done a poster for nearly every band that has played at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, my hometown. Check out the other hundreds of posters here, and shell out a couple bucks for one.

Favorite albums of 2009

These albums are my favorites for 2009. I’ve listed them in no particular order, because all of them are awesome! I’d like to thank Ryan Richter for introducing me to DAWES, and Doug Lloyd for St. Vincent. Good calls, boys! Click on an album above to view in iTunes. 1. Wilco – Wilco (The Album) […]

U2 360° Tour

The Hooky staff had a chance to see U2 in concert at the Rose Bowl. The show was the biggest in Rose Bowl history, and certainly the largest show I’ve ever been to. We had amazing seats in the fourth row, amidst 96,000 screaming U2 fans. It was pretty surreal. Slash played guitar for The […]

Artist Spotlight: Ragnar

Source: and and says:  Brandon Ragnar Johnson makes stuff. Pictures, paintings, books, cartoons, toys, fonts and other things. When not making stuff he’s with his wife Jill and their three children: Oliver, Izzy and Monty. If he’s not making stuff or spending time with his family he’s, probably fishing or reading […]

Logos I Wish I’d Done


Artist Spotlight: Kseniya Simonova

Source: She could’ve won the “Ukraine’s Got Hot Girls” competition, but instead won for her incredible talent of painting with sand. Very cool stuff!

Artist Spotlight: Dan Mumford

Source: says: Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator/designer/screenprinter working out of his studio in central London, Goodge street, and screenprint studio in Dalston. I say: WOW! Check out this sampling of artwork from Dan Mumford. I’m very impressed by what I saw on his website. I am confident should you visit, you will […]

Musician Spotlight: Band of Skulls

Source: Wikipedia and Wkipedia says: Band of Skulls is a British alternative rock band that formed in 2008 in Southampton, England. It consists of Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals), Emma Richardson (bass, vocals), and Matt Hayward (drums), who formed a band after they all met in college. Initially, they played at night clubs in the […]

Artist Spotlight: Meggs

Source: says: Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Meggs’ early artistic development was influenced by the cartoons, comics & sci-Fi films of the 1980’s. Fuelling his vivid imagination and creating a passion for superheroes, fantasy characters and bold colourful graphics, such as those found on toy packaging and video covers. This […]

Artist Spotlight: Andy Howell

Source: Zazzle says: Andy Howell’s roots are simple: skateboarding, surfing, drawing, painting, punk rock, hip-hop. He grew up immersed in the 80’s Virginia and DC punk scenes, making ‘zines, traveling up and down the east coast for skate contests and building ramps with his friends in every place they could find. Late nights of […]

Comedy Legend: Chris Farley

Source: and I was just reminiscing about Chris Farley the other day, and I found these videos on hulu and YouTube. and I can remember each one of these videos as if I had watched them yesterday. The man was a legend. Note: I was unable to find the unaltered “Chippendales” sketch. Click […]

Artist Spotlight: McBess

Source: I recently came across one of McBess’ jams, and was impressed. Then I saw another one, and I got more impressed. Then I saw the following video he created, and I became super impressed. Please, do yourself a favor and view his artwork here. His minimalist Flash website is very cool as well. […]

Typography Spotlight: Semilla

Source: and Semilla is another typeface by OpenType master Ale Paul for, available for purchase ($79) at I was waiting patiently for this font to be completed, and just looking at this sample, I can say that it was well worth the wait.

Record Cover Awesomeness

Source:, via Neil Hamburger The brilliant comedian, Neil Hamburger (@Neil_Hamburger) tweeted a link to these guys a short time ago. I thought they were pretty cool, here are a couple of my favorites. Click here to see the rest.