Artist Spotlight: Ragnar

Source: and and says:  Brandon Ragnar Johnson makes stuff. Pictures, paintings, books, cartoons, toys, fonts and other things. When not making stuff he’s with his wife Jill and their three children: Oliver, Izzy and Monty. If he’s not making stuff or spending time with his family he’s, probably fishing or reading […]

Artist Spotlight: Meggs

Source: says: Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Meggs’ early artistic development was influenced by the cartoons, comics & sci-Fi films of the 1980’s. Fuelling his vivid imagination and creating a passion for superheroes, fantasy characters and bold colourful graphics, such as those found on toy packaging and video covers. This […]

Typography Spotlight: Semilla

Source: and Semilla is another typeface by OpenType master Ale Paul for, available for purchase ($79) at I was waiting patiently for this font to be completed, and just looking at this sample, I can say that it was well worth the wait.

Typography Spotlight: Sentinel

Source: Hoefler & Frere-Jones says: For everyone who’s ever wished Clarendons had italics, everyone whose favorite slab serif is shy a few weights, and everyone who’s ever needed a slab serif to thrive in text: we designed Sentinel for you. I say: Just look at those slabs, what an attractive multipurpose typeface! Reminds me […]

Typography Spotlight: Sudtipos

Source: and Veer says: A brilliant typography collective from Argentina, Sudtipos is best known for the work of Alejandro Paul. When Paul pairs his OpenType mastery with his deep passion for calligraphy and South American sign painting, pure typographic magic happens. Sudtipos also features the work of several other professional designers, including Angel […]