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Sources:, The EyeWriter is an awesome, inspirational research collaboration between Members of Free Art and Technology (FAT), OpenFrameworks, the Graffiti Research Lab, the Ebeling Group, and Tony Quan, an LA graffiti writer, publisher and activist. Together, they are building an open-source, low-cost eye tracking system that will allow patients with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis […]

Design Firm Spotlight: Artlebedev

Source: Here is a smattering of cool stuff from Russian design firm “Artlebedev.” The first is a super dope ultramodern analog-armed digital-reading clock. Click here to see it in action. It’s pretty sexy. The second should need no explanation. This is how I personally feel about the rain, and this umbrella sends the perfect […]

Artist Spotlight: Moldover

Source: says: Known to 400,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, Moldover has become the inspiration for a new generation of musicians and DJs. Famous for building, hacking and playing controllers with virtuosic skill, his dynamic performances transfuse new life into electronic music. With appearances on national television, coverage in major music […]

Mobile phones get cyborg vision

I am still on my Augmented Reality kick. I am searching for ideas and other applications for Augmented Reality. Acrossair is about to come out with a couple really interesting apps for the iPhone that utilize Augmented Reality: Here is a link to the original article I saw on BBC:

Augmented Reality 2.0 Future Of Interactivity

Augmented Reality is pretty cool, but it is about to get infinitely cooler. Currently in the prototype stages, this technology demo by researchers at the University of The Future Tokyo are using ultrasound technology to give holograms a solid feel. Sensors detect when you’re touching the hologram making the whole experience truly interactive. These interactive […]

Apple Home Page Archive

Source: I have a lot of respect for this gentleman. Not only does he have a totally awesome screen name, he’s ‘screen-capped’ nearly every instance of the Apple, Inc. home page since the mid-nineties, including the time the site was hacked to display a pretty racy image. Here’s a few from his collection (259 […]