Monthly Archives: July 2009

Miles Fisher – This Must Be The Place

Source: This is a pretty rad homage to “American Psycho.” Plus, Miles Fisher looks almost identical to Christian Bale. Thanks to Joseph Danluck for finding this. Warning: This video is a bit spicy at parts. Advertisements

Bitchin’ Apple IIgs Games

Source: When my parents came home with an Apple IIgs, I remember, I was a bit upset. All the major games were starting to switch over to DOS, and I figured Apple would go by the wayside fairly soon. Looking back, I am eternally grateful to my folks, who had the correct foresight. These […]

Music You Should Be Listening To

The above album covers link to iTunes for purchase. Below, I have listed the Artist and Album Name, as well as two recommended tracks. Please feel free to comment your recommendations, as we are always looking for tasty new jams. Enjoy. 1. Tortoise – TNT Swung From The Gutters I Set My Face To The […]

Apple Home Page Archive

Source: I have a lot of respect for this gentleman. Not only does he have a totally awesome screen name, he’s ‘screen-capped’ nearly every instance of the Apple, Inc. home page since the mid-nineties, including the time the site was hacked to display a pretty racy image. Here’s a few from his collection (259 […]

xScope: The perfect tool for designers

Source: Simply put, xScope is a back-pocket, time-saving utility for designers and developers created by designers who understand the nature of working on screen. I haven’t written much about the software I use. But once in a while I come across something that’s so useful, I’m compelled to spread the word a little further. […]

Dan Deacon on the “Drinking Out of Cups” Video: “I Have Never Done Acid”

Could’ve fooled us. Hey Dan Deacon! If you’re going to make a video in which a CGI lizard with a thick Long Island accent bitches about random objects that float by, you’re going to have to deal people thinking you’re on acid. Even if you’re not, it’s kind of an understandable mistake. Also, you will […]